Horton Industrial has been a part of many log home restoration projects. On some log homes, media blasting is necessary to remove coatings and stain from the wood to get back to the original base. We work with some of the greatest log home restoration experts in the country on some projects, and have seen incredible results.

Why Sandblasting Is Ideal For Log Home Restoration

However great your log home might look today, the day will come when some restoration work will become necessary. Exposed as they are to the elements, the log home’s exteriors will eventually become unsightly and without proper and regular care they’ll start rotting leading to pricey repairs. There are many cleaning methods that you can use for home restoration but sandblasting is the method that restoration pros prefer. So, what makes sandblasting so popular?

Sandblasting and power washing compared

To understand why sandblasting is the restoration method preferred by pros, it would help to compare this cleaning method with another popular cleaning method – power washing. In power washing, the main media used to clean surfaces is water. This water is applied on the surfaces being cleaned at very high pressures (sometimes as high as 3000 PSI) and this might prove harmful for your log home. For starters, application of water on the wood softens it and the excessive pressure could create cracks in the wood.

In addition to damaging your structure, the water used in power washing could also enter inside the structure and cause damages and stains to home furnishings and floors. Moreover, should the water get trapped between the logs (which is always a great possibility), it’ll provide a fertile ground for the growth of mold and mildew and could therefore cause health problems for the residents of your home.

Unlike power washing, sandblasting is a dry cleaning process which helps overcome the problems associated with the use of water. Sandblasting involves the use of fine sand grains which are blasted at high velocities on the surface being restored to get rid of dirt and grime. While this cleaning method is useful on a wide range of surfaces, it is especially useful on wood (and is therefore ideal for log home restoration) because of the great possibility of damaging wood when other restoration methods are used. When you sandblast logs the finish on the logs is removed quickly and effectively and actually helps leave the log smooth. Where logs have been dulled by age and exposure to the elements they now become brighter.

What about hand sanding?

Hand sanding is another method used to remove stains on log homes. Given the irregular nature of the surfaces on a log cabin, it is easy to understand that this process is not only tiring and time-consuming but one that is also incapable of producing satisfactory results.

Other benefits of sandblasting your log home

The appearance of your log home suffers from years of exposure to the elements and the accumulation of stains makes the home look less appealing. Sandblasting helps you get rid of the unsightly stains thereby restoring the home to its original beauty. In any case, professional sandblasters will not only remove the ugly stains but will also apply a new stain that guarantees that your home is protected from the adversities of the weather in the future.

Assists in property maintenance

When you take years before cleaning the exteriors of your log home, it is possible that there could be problems with the structure that you are not aware of. The stains and dirt that have accumulated on the logs could be hiding some really serious problems that will only be revealed when the logs are cleaned. When the dirt and grime is blasted off, you clearly see the true state of your log home. In many cases, you’ll find that the dirt was hiding logs that could be damaged and you can now think of corrective action. While cleaning is itself a preventative maintenance measure, it helps further by alerting you of urgent repairs that you’ll need to make to enhance the value and beauty of your log home.

Fast and effective

One of the greatest advantages of sandblasting when compared to other stain removal methods is that it only takes a fraction of the time you’d use when other methods are applied. Moreover, it is so effective on logs that in many situations you do not need to do anything else to prepare the surface you wish to apply a new coat on as the blasting will leave the surface perfectly clean.

Sandblasting is both safe and efficient and is the ideal method to use for your log home restoration.