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Horton Industrial is not your average Coeur d’Alene Sandblasting Company. We take great pride being in the abrasive blasting industry. We love what we do and the quality of our work shows that.  We are highly educated in the abrasive blasting field, and have aligned ourselves with experts in the associated industries. Our equipment gives us the ability to be diverse and take on just about any project.  We are proven to be fast, versatile, and always up for the job presented to us. We will talk to you about any project, and will give you the right advice even if it means we aren’t right for the job. Whether your project is in the Coeur d’Alene or surrounding areas we got your back.

How sandblasting works

Sandblasting is a very specialized process that uses compressed air mixed with abrasive media to remove anything from the surface of an item. We refer to it as Extreme pressure washing. This process removes all traces of paint and rust, and leaves you with a perfectly clean surface. Another great thing produced from the sandblasting process is the optimal surface profile for paint and other finishes to adhere. All CDA paint professionals will agree that sandblasting is the absolute best process to prep for a new paint job.

Our CDA Sandblasting Services


Horton Industrial has been a part of many log home restoration projects.


We provide sandblasting for large and small marine projects.


A large part of our business is media blasting and refinishing heavy equipment


As you can imagine, we do a lot of work on classic cars and other types of vehicles.


When applying mortar or a new coating to concrete, abrasive blasting is ​often required in order to achieve the correct surface profile


Our coatings experts are educated in the application and preparation work required for applying industrial coatings.

The main benefits of mobile sandblasting

  • We come to you

If the item needing sandblasted is too large to transport, or it is an immovable structure we actually come to you – you only need to tell us where the equipment or property is.  Serving Coeur d’Alene and all the surrounding areas.

  • Fast and Effective

Our equipment is second to none. It takes minutes to setup at your jobsite and is capable of completing extreme amounts of work per hour. Our equipment is equivalent to what is currently used in most shipyards on the coast, and has proven to be effective on even the largest of projects.

  • Versatile

Our mobile Cda sandblasting setup also makes us extremely versatile on the jobs we are able to take on. Whether it is a log home, or a cargo ship,  or even a classic car, we are able to set up our equipment at your location and take on your project no matter what it is.

  • Optimal for paint adhesion

When you are considering getting your property or equipment repainted, the first thing you should to do is to have it sandblasted. Sandblasting is the most effective cleaning method for stripping old layers of paint and rust in seconds. After a surface has been properly sandblasted, it is perfectly clean without even the slightest trace of any chemicals. This is critical during the painting process because with the chemicals in modern paints, any microscopic contaminant could cause problems down the road.

  • Optimal surface profile created

While stripping paint and rust, sandblasting with the right media will also create the best surface profile for paint to adhere to. Having this profile from blasting extends the lifetime of your paint job tremendously. Mostly all industrial paint specs call for the surface to be etched to a 3-mil blast profile before their paints are applied. This is because the experts know that a good profile from blasting will provide a much longer lifespan from their paints.

  • Preventative maintenance

Corrosion is one of the leading causes of expensive maintenance. Whether it is aging wood or rusting metal, it is better to address the problem when it starts, or else it will grow into extreme repairs. When properly maintained, metal wood and other materials will last hundreds of years, but when neglected, cancerous rust and rotten wood will develop and spread. This is why it is so important to address harmful corrosion by sandblasting the affected area and applying a proper paint/ protective coating to items you wish to keep in good shape. To give some perspective, boats that sail in seawater typically have their entire hull sandblast and repainted every 3 years. This is a costly expense, but it prevents extreme rust and welding repairs, and is well worth the expense in the long run. Log homes also face this. Too many times we have worked on log homes that have been neglected for too long and need rot repair. This involves jacking the entire house up, removing the rotten logs, and replacing them with new logs. If the house were to have just been regularly sandblasted and maintained, log homeowners could avoid this extreme expense.

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